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I want to hear what you want for our town.

Housing Affordability

Poll Running Time: October 5th – 12th

One of the biggest issues we face in the City of San Luis Obispo is housing affordability. The development policies, imposed by state government, aimed at improving housing affordability, also raises concerns for some and hope for others.

I’ve outlined a four-step approach to address this issue and I want to hear from the citizens in order to understand the best way forward, so we all benefit.

This poll asks a couple of quick questions and gives you the running tally and you can request to have the final results emailed to you when the poll is over.

Please participate and share it with friends through social media. Your participation is anonymous and you are able to tell us the reasons for your choices. I want to give you a way to be meaningfully heard by inviting you to contribute ideas, concerns and constructive feedback.

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