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I’m running for Mayor to support your vision for our city and to bring fresh ideas and perspectives to our local government.

SLO is at a crossroads, and we as a community must decide what we want the city to be.

Heidi Harmon


What People are Saying

"Heidi has everything it takes to become the Mayor of San Luis Obispo— she is driven, kind, innovative, experienced, strong, caring, intelligent, and most of all, passionate about our city. I have seen her stand up for SLO’s values time and time again. She works tirelessly for what she believes in, and she believes in San Luis Obispo— every resident deserves that kind of dedication and leadership. I know that our community is facing a lot of issues right now, old and new,

which makes Heidi the perfect person for the job because she has lived in SLO long enough to understand our history while staying in step with the younger generation. Both long-time residents and Cal Poly students will benefit from her work. She is inspiring, grounded, and the best person for the job. I will be voting for Heidi Harmon because I’ve seen what a force of nature she is, I trust her, and San Luis Obispo needs her."

mallory   Mallory St. George

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The city is becoming too expensive for many residents and its overall character is changing.

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